Jul 29, 2014
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Toddler Walks Out of Child-Care Center Unnoticed

Two-year-old Amare Blaney walked out the doors of Bright Eyes child care center in Germantown, unnoticed by employees. He was found by a passing driver.

Toddler Walks Out of Child-Care Center Unnoticed

A toddler walked out of Bright Eyes child-care center on Schaefer Road in Germantown Thursday morning, unnoticed by staff and picked up by a passing motorist, according to WUSATV.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Amare Blaney went outside without his jacket and was seen about 20 minutes later at the edge of the center’s parking lot by a driver. The passing woman picked the boy up and called police.

Amare’s mother, Yolanda Blaney, says day care center called to tell her the boy was safe after an incident. Police were the ones to tell Blaney that Amare had been picked up from along the road by an unknown driver.

A letter from the day care center director to parents called Amare’s disappearance an “escape,” a description his mother objects to, says the TV station. Two employees have been put on administrative leave as a result of the mishap.

A spokesman for the Maryland Day Care licensing board says they have not received a complaint about Bright Eyes since 2008 and they are investigating this incident, says the TV station.

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