Jul 28, 2014

Will Bill Murray Show Up in Dupont Circle on Groundhog Day?

The actor is on the road promoting a new film, but will he stop in DC to tout his movie and join in the city's Groundhog Day celebration?

Will Bill Murray Show Up in Dupont Circle on Groundhog Day?

Actor and comedian Bill Murray is embarking on an official publicity tour for his new movie, " The Monuments Men." Could it include a stop in Washington, D.C., perhaps close to Feb. 2, Groundhog Day? 

The Huffington Post suggests pairing Murray’s penchant for party crashing with an exhibition relating to his “Groundhog Day” movie that will open at the Smithsonian on Feb. 7, just five days after the day devoted to a prognosticating rodent on an endless loop.

Aaron DeNu  launched D.C.'s now-annual tribute to the soothsaying animal two years ago. He told Huffington Post he’s hopeful this year's event will lure " Groundhog Day" star Murray to the nation's capital.

Efforts to bring Murray to D.C. have focused on looking for the 1-800 number on which Murray is said to check messages.  GQ reported in 2010 that the actor will return calls for propositions he finds "interesting."

If Murray is a Huffington Post reader he can settle the matter by sending DeNu an email at DupontFestival@gmail.com. Local Groundhog Day organizers would like to see the star in Dupont Circle Park on Sunday, Feb. 2, at 7:30 a.m.

If Murray comes to town he’ll need a place to crash: His son, Luke, spent two seasons as an assistant coach for the Towson basketball team, but this year is an assistant with the University of Rhode Island men’s basketball team.

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