Jul 28, 2014

Caroline's Cakes Expands, Moves Shipping Operation to SC

The new shipping functions will be based out of Spartanburg, SC.

Caroline's Cakes Expands, Moves Shipping Operation to SC Caroline's Cakes Expands, Moves Shipping Operation to SC

One of Broadneck's favorite places to get specialty cakes is moving its national shipping operations to South Carolina. 

will be opening a new bakery in Spartanburg, SC, this year. The company received approval from the South Carolina Department of Health on Sept. 4, which was the last official hurdle before it could begin operations, a store representative said.

The Annapolis bakery, located in Jemal's Shopping Center, will remain in business. For years, in addition to the bakery and deli, Caroline's Cakes had used a wing of the shopping center for its national shipping operations. That's the only thing that's leaving as a result of this move.

The store's owner, , received national acclaim last year after her seven-layer caramel cake was featured in the 2011 feature film "The Help."

The now-famous caramel cake was also mentioned in the December 2012 issue of Oprah Winfrey's magazine, O, as one of her "favorite things."

Reutter is currently traveling in Budapest, researching and filming a documentary on the history of the Dobostorta, the legendary grandfather of layer cakes. The documentary, titled A Cake Walk of Budapest, has added to an already busy month for Reutter.

"It has been a fascination of mine for some time that has been fed by the uncovering and piecing together of bits of history I have discovered in so many places," Reutter wrote on Facebook.

A photo gallery of her travels was posted Monday on Facebook.

Stay with Patch for more updates on Reutter's stories from Budapest and the documentary's progress.

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