Jul 29, 2014

5 Things About Your New Local Editor

Help us learn more about each other. Here are five things about me to start.

5 Things About Your New Local Editor

Hello, Catonsville!

My name is Jennifer Donatelli, and I am the new Local Editor for the Catonsville Patch. I’m so excited about this amazing opportunity to cover Catonsville and wanted to introduce myself to you. So, let’s get to know each other. Here are five facts about me:

1. As Local Editor, I am your main contact to share news about all things Catonsville. Contact me if your school, church, civic group, neighbor, etc. is doing something interesting or has a great accomplishment you feel is newsworthy. I also would love talk to you about local topics you find controversial, such as parking or a new housing development, just to offer two examples. I can be reached at 410-215-2343 or jennifer.donatelli@patch.com.

2. Although I’m new to Catonsville, I’m not new to Maryland or journalism. My husband and I have lived in Maryland since 2000. I’ve worked for newspapers, both full-time and freelance, since 1998.

3. I’ve wanted to be in journalism since reading “All the President’s Men” in junior high school and loving that the work of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein motivated others to the point that it changed history. I geek out over this story and can quote large parts of the movie from memory. I also have a huge editor crush on Ben Bradlee, their editor at the time.

4. To piggyback on that, a highlight was meeting Woodward at the University of Baltimore County, Catonsville about 10 years ago. My husband had scored VIP tickets with a meet and greet through his company, and I took my dog-eared paperback copy of “All the President’s Men” and hid it in my purse. Everyone else had whatever Woodward’s hardback book at the time was. I fished my book out and nervously approached. “Mr. Woodward, sir,” I stammered. “This book was what made me want to be a reporter. Thank you.” He signed it, and it’s still one of my prized possessions.

5. Speaking of geeking out, I’m mostly just a huge geek in general. I love that Patch is paying me not only to write, but also to be geeky about journalism and social media. I love Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. All my contact information is at about.me/jdonatelli, and I would love to hear from you about what matters in your community.

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