Jul 29, 2014
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Comment: ‘It’s an Ideal Horror Movie Location.’

Baltimore County readers comment on the news of the week.

Comment: ‘It’s an Ideal Horror Movie Location.’

Readers took their opinions to Baltimore County Patch sites this week, commenting most on stories about a state report on the future of , a medical marijuana push in Maryland, rat eradication and a look at the history of Wegmans' decisions in the region.

If our local government would maintain these feral cats...it would be cheaper than poison...let nature do the work!" - Roxy petullius

“Interesting...hope they don't tear down the Psychotic Ward building right next to Rice Auditorium. If there were ever a place that looks like a haunted house, that's it. Metal bars on the windows falling out, 150-year old stonework, creepy sounds coming out of it when the wind is up...the whole deal. It's an ideal horror movie location.” -  Damien Gibbons

Montel Williams, Dan Morhaim Continue Medical Marijuana Push
"The far left loons support this idea-so it is only a matter of time before the Gov comes around to support it, too-as long as it is taxed in the extreme. Drunk drivers are not enough so these loons think we need to add druggies and stoners to the highways. See how much pain that causes." - JH 

It's All About Wegmans, Or Is It?
"If the SOLO Cup property fails to be rezoned commercial, who do these competing developers think is going to come in and occupy that area and bring in manufacturing jobs? Isn't it best for Owings Mills-which is what Brown claims to care about-that competing interests work together to turn all of our downtrodden areas into something useful rather than let one languish so one or two of them wins?" -ddbs00

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