Jul 28, 2014

College Park Armed Robberies Not Linked

Police are focusing on robberies in College Park.

College Park Armed Robberies Not Linked College Park Armed Robberies Not Linked

Though three robberies in College Park Oct. 10 were linked and arrest was made, police do not believe an armed robbery on Oct. 15 was related, according to Prince George's County Police Spokesman William Alexander.

But police are keeping an eye out around the University of Maryland campus to make sure no more instances occur.

Police are not adding more manpower, but they are focusing the collective manpower already present.

"The robbery suppression team has been focusing on College Park in last two weeks," Alexander said. "Patrol officers and UMD are all focused and aware of crimes that have been going on."

Police believe the most recent robbery on Oct. 15 may be related to two other robberies in Prince George's County.

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