23 Aug 2014
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Grammar Wars and Tax Talk: The Week in Howard County

Howard County residents comment on the top news stories of the week.

Grammar Wars and Tax Talk: The Week in Howard County


The grammar police of Howard County Patch sites this week, fittingly, on a story about school board candidates.

Other stories that garnered the most comments include: a post on policies , efforts to help Main Street businesses in Laurel and debates over whether

“ ’We like Allen Dyer,’ said Lemle." Of course they do, he's a socialist. The HCEA is endorsing a pile of leftists who will ensure the union gets it's ‘fair share’ of your property. I think it's hilarious when the HCEA says it's not about Republicans or Democrats, and then it proceeds to meddle in politics. This is why we need to get rid of Teachers  unions. - bill bissenas

“Hi Bill. The possessive form of the pronoun 'it' should be spelled 'its.' 'It's' is a contraction of 'it is.' When you get your spelling and syntax right, our next lesson will define socialism and political action. We want to get rid of something, too: ignorance.” - Paul Lemle

“Maryland is already one of the highest taxed states. Far too much waste in welfare programs like Medicaid. Time for new leadership.” – JH

“If we want to justify killing cats using the argument of rabies, then we need to kill every fox, raccoon, opossum and any other wild animal out there that also harbors rabies. How is a feral cat any different then any other wild animal out there? TNR is the ethical and morally responsible way to handle these cats.” – woodbine5

Mayor Proposes Incentives To Help Main Street Business

“I'd rather they'd have used the excess reserves to lower our net individual city Property taxes, which had almost tripled in the last 10 years, until we finally got proper assessments from the county, and now they're only about doubled.”  -

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