21 Aug 2014
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New Columbia Association Logo Revealed

The Columbia Association's new logo is a simplified version of the People Tree.

The Columbia Association revealed its new simplified version of the People Tree logo Thursday in a YouTube video.

The CA to have more flexibility, specifically in social media applications and to represent the change coming to the city with the Symphony Woods Park development, downtown plan and mall redevelopment, according to the video description.

While the CA owns the People Tree sculpture itself, Howard Hughes owns the People Tree image, according to the CA. In a press release accompanying the roll-out of the new logo, the CA wrote that it asked about purchasing the right to the image, but decided it "wasn't the route to take." The had been used for 15 years.

The new logo was developed by the marketing department at CA and Redhead Companies, an Ellicott City marketing firm. In the release, the CA wrote that it wanted to retain the essence of the People Tree in the new logo. It chose the colors of blue and green to represent the sky and the earth. 

As for the design, the CA wrote, "The new 'tree' is comprised of people with open arms in each leaf of the top of the tree. The arms and the people connect to one another. When the logo appears without the tree trunk, a full circle is formed signifying wholeness, completeness, unending strength, motion and progress."

The logo will eventually be incorporated all over the city, according to the CA. This includes maintenance equipment, building signage, individual membership cards, open space signs, etc.

The People Tree sculpture itself is not going anywhere. The sculpture, made of fiberglass and gold leaf, was created by Parisian artist Pierre duFayet, who was hired by the Rouse Company in 1965. It is a civic monument that interprets "Columbia's goal to create an environment that contributes to the growth of people and fosters community spirit," according to a Columbia Association brochure.

It contains 66 "abstract human figures" reaching out from a central core, the brochure said.

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