Jul 29, 2014
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The Mystery of Maggie Moo's

Residents have speculated about a few Clarksville businesses closing in the River Hill Village Center, but the fate of Maggie Moo's remains a mystery.

The Mystery of Maggie Moo's

It's my last day at Columbia Patch, and I'm on an epic quest to find out whether Maggie Moo's in the River Hill Village Center is closed.

Problem is, I'm on a winding road to nowhere.

Earlier this week, I peeked my head through the windows within and saw darkness, stacked chairs and an empty ice cream counter.

I popped next store, and saw empty shelves at Vintage Wine Cellars in the River Hill Village Center.

That mystery was easy enough to solve.

"We have gotten low on inventory and we're cleaning out our inventory, but it's business as usual," owner Nathan Merke told me.

Merke said the store would soon be placing its large holiday order and that customers would soon see the shelves restocked. 

So the River Hill Village Center has wine, but Maggie Moo's ice cream?

I'm not sure I'll get the scoop on that one before .

I called the store, I was met with an out of service message.

Still determined, I called the Village Center, but officials there didn't have answers for me. I made repeated calls to the real estate agency, , that went unanswered. And I even called to Maggie Moo’s headquarters but got no response as to whether or not the ice cream store in my neighorhood, which also houses a Great American Cookies, was closed.

But on Columbia Patch’s Facebook, many did not express disappointment over whether the two businesses in question would be gone—rather, they expressed hope that the United States Postal Service office, which closed in Clarksville last month, would return.

“At least maybe it will make space for the USPS to come back!” one commenter said.

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