Jul 29, 2014

VIDEO: Vince’s Deli Dishes Out 'DASH' Diet Ideas

The Chesapeake Cooking Club Lite meets at Vince’s Deli to learn new ways to prepare meals that reduce high blood pressure.

A Crofton eatery is helping people change the way they eat.

on Maryland Route 3 offers cooking classes to educate amateur chefs on how to prepare everything from soup to main courses.

The meets at Vince’s every Wednesday to tackle various healthy choice menu options.

“I want to teach people how to eat to live,” said chef Allen Blankenship.

He added that the weekly weight loss support club is focusing on the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or “DASH” diet.

VIDEO: Chef Allen explains how the cooking club helps Crofton families eat healthy.

Blankenship said the cooking club samples and discusses recipes to make at home. They prepare the meals under the watchful eyes of the Vince's Deli staff. Then, the club members take what they learn home to try on their own.

“We will set goals. Focus on strategies to get folks to those goals. Mainly we will be there for each other,” Blankenship said.

The Chesapeake Cooking Club Lite meets Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. New members are welcome. For more information, send email to allen.blankenship@vincescatering.net or call 410-721-2017. 

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