Jul 28, 2014
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Adventures in South County: Hong Kong Express

Enjoy a short story of how I literally stumbled into one of my new favorite lunch options in Edgewater.

Adventures in South County: Hong Kong Express Adventures in South County: Hong Kong Express Adventures in South County: Hong Kong Express

Sometimes you find the best restaurants by stumbling into them, but rarely do you every literally “stumble” into them.

I was fortunate enough—or unfortunate depending on how you look at it—to trip and stumble into the Hong Kong Express at the Lee Airpark this week to enjoy lunch there for my first time ever.

Expecting something like Chipotle, only Chinese, I walked in and soon learned I would be enjoying a sit-down dining experience. Dreading a hefty bill, I considered walking out but it was too late, I made eye contact with an employee who quickly and kindly found me a seat during a relatively high lunch rush.

Fortunately for me, the lunch specials were no more than $5 or $8, so my financial  fears were quickly quelled. For only $5.95, I ordered the General Tso’s chicken with egg drop soup and a spring roll. It was enough food to last me two meals, so I packed it up and enjoyed it later that night—who said things can’t taste as good in the microwave?

All in all, the food was tasty, it arrived quickly and I didn’t go broke paying for it. I paid less than $10 for the whole meal, and it was something I would have easily paid $15 for. To me, that's a steal. 

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