23 Aug 2014
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Muddy Creek Road Construction Delayed to Spring

Traffic barrels will remain on the road until spring when line painting can be completed.

Muddy Creek Road Construction Delayed to Spring

Construction at the Muddy Creek Road intersection is being delayed until spring, when warmer temperatures will allow for line painting.

Over the past week, many readers have expressed concern over when the construction at the Muddy Creek Road intersection will finally be completed. Anne Arundel Department of Public Works spokesman Matt Diehl said it won’t be complete for a few more months.

"Barrels will be used until painting/striping is completed the spring,” Diehl said in an email. “It is too cold to paint/stripe at night and SHA permit does not allow this working during the daytime."

A reader emailed Patch this week noting that the barrels are often moved. He said the orange cones in the right eastbound turn lane are sometimes moved up against the railing, and then moved back to block the proposed eastbound right-turn lane a few days later.

Diehl commented that the moving cones are something work crews are aware of.

“We continue to put the barrels back when we see or alerted that they have been moved,” Diehl wrote.

Have you noticed that the barrels are sometimes moved? Are you frustrated that the painting won’t be finished until spring? Tell us in the comments.

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