Jul 26, 2014
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Parents Express Fear, Anger After Taking Children to School

More than 24 people shared their emotions on Patch's Facebook page after dropping their kids off at school Monday morning.

Parents Express Fear, Anger After Taking Children to School

Parents throughout the county dreaded Monday morning—not because of the workweek, but because many would have to drop off their children at school with the thought of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting still fresh in their minds.

After many said goodbye to their kids Monday, local residents shared their emotions, fears and thoughts on Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch’s Facebook page

The majority of readers said they experienced a flood of emotion ranging from fear, to sadness to anger. However, the most common occurrence for local parents on Monday? Tears.

“I started to tear up and was wailing by the time I got home,” posted Wendy Worth Cronin.

Another local reader, Kelly Proctor, wrote, “I drove by the school later and got a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes at the sight of the police car at the elementary school.”

Several readers along the Facebook thread added that the events in Connecticut have them considering home school.

Many parents said they spoke with their children about the added police presence at Anne Arundel County schools. However, one reader felt the extra presence wasn’t a good thing.

“Whoever made the decision to place police at schools this morning made the problem worse. They’re catering to children’s fears,” Tom Jones said.

Regardless of how readers felt on police presence, gun control or news coverage, the overwhelming feeling among them was a heightened desire to simply hold their children close. Below is a summary of some of the most touching posts shared by local readers.

  • Julia Robbo Howes“We can't instill fear in our children, they have to go to school and this type of thing can happen anywhere... church, post office, bank, movies... unfortunately the world is full of so much evil its something you risk everywhere. So sad.”
  • Sarah King “I had a meeting first thing this morning at my daughter's school & watching her walk away from me to go to class was really hard. I didn't want to leave her.”
  • Lisa Quible“I kissed my niece and hugged her and told her I love her, as I do every morning when we put her on the bus...then i realized how ANGRY I am that so many parents this morning can't do that.”
  • Tracy Weissmueller Sweeney“I gave more kisses and said I love you more than a normal morning to my 6-year old. Tough morning to be a parent.”
  • Sommer Morris“Sadness, fear and anger. Extra hugs didn’t seem enough, so I gave them a chocolate kiss to carry with them.”

How did you feel taking your children to school Monday morning? 

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