Jul 30, 2014

Schools Plan for Possible Weather Delays on Exam Week

A two-day break could be pushed back due to weather delays, school officials said.

Schools Plan for Possible Weather Delays on Exam Week
With semester exams and bad weather looming, high schools in Anne Arundel County have a plan in place for possible delays.

A notice went out to students and parents on Tuesday reminding them that end-of-semester break, scheduled for Jan. 27-28, could be pushed back for weather delays.

High school students are scheduled to take four days worth of exams between Jan. 21-24. If weather conditions delay or cancel schools for one of those days, schedules will change to accommodate it.

High school exams will be administered according to the following schedule:

  • Tuesday, Jan. 21: A Day, periods 1 and 2
  • Wednesday, Jan. 22: B Day, periods 1 and 2
  • Thursday, Jan. 23: A Day, periods 3 and 4
  • Friday, Jan. 24: B Day, periods 3 and 4
"The schedule will be shifted but exams will still be administered in the order listed above," according to the release.

And if schools open up to two hours late, exams will continue as scheduled, and so will the school day. Classes will not end late as a result of a weather delay, according to the release. 

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