Jul 28, 2014

Top 5 Stories: Fatal Accidents, Soaked Principal

Reviewing the biggest stories from the week of Jan. 28 to Feb. 3

The week began with somewhat of a hangover from the weekend's tragic news.

No. 1—Not only were four people killed in a , but , founder of the Anne Arundel County Breaking News and Events Facebook page, was killed in separate accident in Pasadena.

Family and friends came out in large numbers to express their love on Patch for McDevitt. A conversation surrounding his death and those involved in the fatal Route 50 crash generated .

No. 2—Many readers on  Edgewater-Davidsonville Patch's Facebook page were craving for some light-hearted news, something uplifting to get their minds off of the tragedy of the weekend. Thankfully, relief came in the form of .

In an effort to motivate children at Southern Middle School, principal Jerry Dykstra promised he'd take countless water balloons to the face if children met their Maryland State Assessment goals. Unfortunately for Dykstra, 175 kids met their goals, meaning . 

No. 3—In the latest edition of the , parents  examining their school.

His preliminary findings identified "dampness and mold growth" as issues, but said the school's condition was not "hazardous," and likely only affects people with "sensitive immune systems." The specialist said the issues could be solved quickly and easily.

Parents  with what they heard. 

No. 4—South county residents desperate for a local grocery store got their wish this week with the . 

Those involved in its opening marked the ribbon-cutting as a victory for the community after they said politicians and big businesses  onto the hometown area. 

No. 5—A four-car accident on Route 214 near Muddy Creek Road  for more than an hour. Various residents chatted about the incident on  Facebook, but after reporting on the incident, even more came out to .

Two women suffered serious but non life-threatening injuries from the accident. 

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