Jul 28, 2014

Wet Ground Conditions Stall Muddy Creek Construction

Renovating the "failed intersection" is expected to resume in April, after Verizon relocates the utilities in the area.

Wet Ground Conditions Stall Muddy Creek Construction

Wet ground conditions at the  have stalled further developments for the much-anticipated intersection renovation, Anne Arundel Department of Public Works spokesman Matt Diehl said.

Renovating the connection of Muddy Creek Road and Maryland Route 214 has been  in an effort to increase the safety and efficiency of the intersection. Since 2009,  have occurred there, .

Workers completed the redesigned stabilization slope—a retaining wall used to ensure the road’s solidarity—in January. But contractors have not done any work since then due to wet ground conditions and the fear of potential winter weather.

“To avoid the chance of multiple interruptions and even further delays, the contractor will remobilize and complete the road improvement part of this project in early April when ground conditions improve and the potential for snow passes,” Diehl told Patch in an email.

The county approved initial improvements for the intersection of Route 214 and Muddy Creek Road in 2001, but ground wasn’t broken until 2010.

“The project was long overdue when ground was broken … and any delays will be understandably upsetting,” Diehl said. “When the project is complete, it will greatly decrease the rush hour delays.”

In October, the county resubmitted design plans for the stabilization slope and two months late, State Highway Administration officials approved the plan and completed construction in January, Diehl said.

On March 5, Verizon is set to begin a 10-day, 24-hour effort to complete utility relocation around the intersection. After that, a county contractor will remobilize to complete the actual road improvements starting in April.

“County engineers and contractors now anticipate a spring 2013 completion,” Diehl said.

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