Jul 28, 2014
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Why It's Important to Keep Watering Your Tree

A dried up Christmas tree can catch fire very easily and cause a room to reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees, according to Anne Arundel fire officials.

There’s always a little bit of a letdown after Christmas passes us by. 

Perhaps you feel a little less cheerful, or you don’t enjoy cooking or the upkeep of all those holiday decorations. But one thing you can’t afford to let up on, is watering that Christmas tree.

The National Institute of Stands and Technology (NIST) posted a brief yet powerful video on YouTube, displaying the dangers of an underserviced and dehydrated Christmas tree. 

According to the National Fire Prevention Agency (NFPA), local fire departments receive about 230 reports of home fires started by Christmas trees every year. The fires cause an average of four deaths a year and more than $17 million in damages, according to their website

Because of their tall stature and flammable trimmings, dried up Christmas trees act like a firecracker—catching fire in a matter of seconds.

Chief Keith Swindle of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department said a Christmas tree fire can cause a room to reach 1,000 degree temperatures in only a matter of minutes.  

So even though your holiday cheer may not be what it was last week, don’t forget to care for your Christmas tree, water it and ensure it remains hydrated while everyone heads back to work.

To see what a neglected Christmas tree can do when it catches fire, check out the NIST and NFPA videos. 

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