Jul 29, 2014
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Elkridge Hess Makes Headlines

Keith Madsen, manager of the station on Route 1, in limelight for gas tax protest.

It's not just cars lining up at the pump these days in Elkridge.

On Thursday morning, Fox News was setting up cameras at the  on Route 1 near Montgomery Road.

The gas station has seen its share of cameras in the past week, as media outlets have flocked to cover dealer Keith Madsen's against the gas tax proposed by Gov. Martin O'Malley.

Here's where you may have seen the Elkridge station in the news:

As of March 1, Madsen said between his station in Elkridge and the other in Towson, he has collected 2,500 signatures petitioning the proposed gas tax, "and the number is growing every day."

The Ways and Means committee in the House of Delegates will have a hearing on the "gas tax bill" on March 14. Madsen and other gas station dealers from around Maryland plan to deliver their petitions, which collectively have about 20,000 signatures, to Annapolis in advance of the hearing.

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