Jul 29, 2014
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Elkridge in the Headlines

Locals made the news in a big way this past week, from the Baltimore Sun to the Wall Street Journal.

Elkridge in the Headlines

Elkridge has been a hit with the media recently. From its gas-station tacos to homemade cakes, Elkridge made the news in a big way. Here’s where local residents and businesses were featured, from the pages of the Baltimore Sun to the Wall Street Journal.

  • On Saturday, tacos crossed the Elkridge/Jessup border when R & R Taqueria (7894 Washington Blvd.) was selected as one of five places in the nation featured in the Wall Street Journal article " Gas Station Taquerias, a New Food Trend."
  • UPS isn't the only game in town. Lightweight shipping company Streamlite recently set up shop in Elkridge. Its plant at 6671 Santa Barbara Road will hire upwards of 50 workers in the coming months, according to this report from the Baltimore Business Journal.
  • The Baltimore Sun covered the Board of Education's postponement of a decision about whether to move forward with the proposed elementary school project on Coca-Cola Drive due to concerns about a truck stop possibly being built nearby.
  • The Howard County Times featured Elkridge cake artist Sue Sontag, who displayed one of her creations at the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore over the weekend during the event's 70th birthday celebration.
  • ANCILE Solutions, a software company that develops materials for more than half of Fortune 100 companies, just opened its new world headquarters—in Elkridge (6085 Marshalee Dr.), according to PRWeb's report.

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