Jul 28, 2014
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Spinal Solutions: Miles of Health Wellness Center

The owner of a new wellness center in Ellicott City says posture is one of the keys to well-being.

Spinal Solutions: Miles of Health Wellness Center

Roger and Lindsey Miles hosted the grand opening of  Miles of Healing in August at 4920 Waterloo Road, Suite A.

The wellness center is dedicated to pain alleviation using Egoscue, a technique that focuses on correcting posture.

Miles of Health offers other services too, including wellness courses. 

What’s your background?

Roger Miles: My wife [Lindsey Miles] and I own the business. I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life and my wife was an occupational therapist for 10 years. We decided to open a business because we saw how people weren’t getting cared for in the healthcare industry.

We came upon Egoscue, a pill-free treatment that we offer. We work with clients, teach them the exercises, so that they can alleviate the pain themselves. It’s totally hands off and based on structure and posture of your body. 

What services do you offer?

RM: We offer posture alignment, bioresonance therapy and scanning; we do a full-body scan.

What’s the most common problem people bring to you?

RM: Knee and joint paint, fibromyalgia … anything from someone who needs a knee or hip replacement all the way to any number of chronic pain conditions.  

Do you have one tip for people who are experiencing some form of pain? 

RM: One tip I would have is look at your posture; see where the imperfections are. Keep yourself as upright and straight as possible. To learn more about the ways we can treat you, visit our website.  

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