23 Aug 2014
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Worst Drivers in America Report

Find out how the Baltimore-Washington area ranks in terms of accident data.

Worst Drivers in America Report

Think drivers are bad around Elkridge?

You may not be alone.

A new Allstate Insurance Company report names Baltimore and D.C. as two of the places with the worst drivers in America.

The 2012 Best Drivers Report ranks D.C. as the worst place in the nation for drivers and Baltimore one step behind.

The report ranks America’s largest cities in terms of car collision frequency to make a ranking on which places have the best drivers.

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The report ranked cities according to average years between accidents and relative accident likelihood compared to the national average.

Sioux Falls, SD, was ranked the number one place for “best drivers,” according to the report.

D.C. received the lowest rank among the 200 cities studied that had available data: 195. Baltimore was ranked 194, the second lowest slot on the list.

According to the report, residents go, on average, 4.7 years between accidents in D.C. and 5.3 years between accidents in Baltimore.

In Sioux Falls, the average is 13.8 years between accidents, the report stated.

The report also analyzed company claim data to calculate the likelihood that drivers will get in an accident compared to the national average.

Sioux Falls drivers are 27.6 percent less likely to get in a car accident compared with the national average, the report stated. D.C. drivers are 112.1 percent more likely to get in an accident compared with the national average.  In Baltimore, it’s 87.9 percent more likely.

This isn’t the first time Maryland has received bad marks for driving.

A GMAC insurance report in 2011 said Maryland drivers ranked 49 out of 51 in terms of how they scored on a written test on road rules, according to The Baltimore Sun.

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