21 Aug 2014
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Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

Happy is an adorable, playful, and entertaining little pup who will make a great sidekick.

Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Happy Happy, Joy Joy!


When you see Happy, you just have to smile. He’s a little pup with a big personality and a zest for life. He has a great temperament and just wants to play, love, and have a family to call his own. Mutts Matter named him Hapsburg, or “Happy” for short, because he’s always smiling, wagging his tail, and excited to see you. We think Happy is some type of longhaired Chihuahua mix, and he’s still a young, energetic pup at less than two years old. He only weighs ten pounds, and has a silky, golden coat and a funny little underbite that makes him stand out from the pack.

We don’t know a lot about Happy’s background because he was picked up as a stray. He’s being fostered by first-time foster dad, Matt, who, in the process of looking to adopt a dog, learned about fostering and wanted to make a difference. Matt describes Happy as playful like a puppy, and a sweet, energetic dog who always wants to be by near his person. Matt recounted his first week with Happy saying, “he was just so excited to be here. When I would roll over in bed he’d come running in to greet me, offering up his new prized ball.” Matt quickly learned that Happy liked to play fetch. Happy would cheerfully grab anything Matt would toss on the floor and bring it back to him, whether it was toys, towels, or clothes – you name it, and Happy was on the job. He realized that he didn’t need Happy to fetch everything in the house, so Matt quickly taught him the word “no” and it has been smooth sailing ever since. 

Happy’s a very social dog who likes greeting new guests when they come to the house and enjoys social outings. He loves other dogs too and is fearless at the dog park, running and playing with the big pups, and he’s been known to play keep-away with his Rottweiler and German shepherd buddies. He’s always up for playing but keeps all his toys inventoried and accounted for. He even knows their different names. When Matt asks for a bone or a ball, Happy will bring the requested item right to him. He’s self-sufficient and can entertain himself, swatting his ball across the room to chase it or sneaking up like a ninja to pounce on his bone. He’s an entertaining little guy.

Matt describes Happy as an easy dog who is very smart and learns quickly. He’s potty-trained, walks great on a leash, and loves to greet the local pups on his daily walks. He already knows several commands, like “sit,” “stay,” “come,” “bye-bye,” and will even let Matt know when needs to go out for a potty break. He is crate-trained, but Matt only used the crate for a few days until he knew he could trust Happy. Matt goes to work every day and Happy watches the house, never getting into trouble or making a mess.

Even though playtime is his passion, Happy does know how to relax and is very attentive to his people. When Matt is ready to settle down or go to bed, you’ll find Happy contently curled up by his feet. He loves praise and is a very affectionate pup. When you tell him he’s a good boy, his face lights up with a big smile, and he’s content just to be near you. Happy’s favorite thing in the world is to lay by your side and score a belly rub, while he simultaneously chews on his bone. 

Happy would do well in almost any home, but would be best with an active family who will take him on walks, fulfill his social calendar and play with him. He loves playmates of all kinds, and would do great in a home with kids, dogs, and is good with cats too.

How could you not want this dog? Add a little fun and Happy-ness to your life.


To learn more about Happy, go to the Mutts Matter  Adoption Page and fill out an application, or you can contact Suzanne at  suzanne@muttsmatterrescue.com.

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