Jul 30, 2014

Valentine Dinner (rescheduled)

Valentine Dinner (rescheduled)
Candlelight Valentine Dinner
Wednesday, February 19th
6:30 pm
(rescheduled after last week's snow storm)
Shelbourne Baptist Church
4808 Shelbourne Road
Arbutus, Maryland 21227
tel: 410-242-3261

Keep celebrating the love
with us. Join us for a fun
and love-filled evening at our
Candlelight Valentine Dinner
with live, acoustic guitar music,
full-course buffet dinner and
a fun round of 'The Truly Wed'
game show live.

Rescheduled after last
week's snow storm. The weather is
looking great for this Wednesday,
so bring your spouse,
sweetheart, special friend,
son or daughter, neighbor or co-worker.

Our Candlelight Valentine Dinner is free
and hosted by our church family, so join us and bring
your sweetheart for a delicious, fun and love-filled evening.
For further information, call: #410-242-3261.

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