Jul 30, 2014

New Year’s Resolution: Make it Simple

Slow down and enjoy life a little more.

New Year’s Resolution: Make it Simple

New Year's Eve is a time for reflecting on the past and looking forward to the new year.

We resolve to follow through on changes that we want to make to better ourselves and our lives. Lose weight, quit smoking, join a gym and so on are always on the top 10 list. Why not make it simple by committing to something that is more reasonable.

Did you have a merry Christmas or a ‘harried’ Christmas? "‘Tis the season to be jolly" did not seem so jolly this year.

The spirit of Christmas seems to disappear as the commercialization of the holiday becomes more of a frenzy and turns people into Scrooges.

Those that were procrastinators rushed out on Christmas Eve to do their shopping. I had to venture out on Christmas Day to get a photo copied for a customized frame at my local Walgreens only to find it jam-packed with people hustling and bustling about in a panic of what to get at the last minute.

Most people were at the gift-card station where it has turned into a one-stop shop for most. That is the easy way out and people do not take time to put thought into gift giving anymore.

Lines were long, people were grouchy and drivers were cutting each other off on the road or fighting over parking spaces. It all has taken the whole meaning out of the holiday. One woman even grumbled to herself as she was walking into the store, “I’ll be glad when this is all over.”

When did Christmas become a chore or burden to society?

My wish for the new year is that everyone can slow down, enjoy life a little more and smile.

Let your New Year’s resolution start out with being a little kinder, nicer or even more giving. Pay it forward and see how much love and peace can be spread.

Happy New Year!

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