Jul 30, 2014

Water Pipe Repair Work on Hillside Road

If you're experiencing water pressure changes or seeing brown water in your sink, it may be due to repair work on Hillside Road.

Water Pipe Repair Work on Hillside Road

Maintenance work on Hillside Road this afternoon may affect water pressure and cause water discoloration in some (GHI) units.

Matt Berres, manager of maintenance operations for GHI, said that they are working to repair a pinhole leak in a water supply line on Hillside Road this afternoon. Units 11 A - D and 13 J - X on Hillside Road had a scheduled water shut off to accommodate the work.

The shut off may affect the water pressure in nearby homes as well, causing mineral buildup to shake loose. This accounts for the discoloration, Berres explained.

GHI may turn the water off and on again to test the repairs, Berres said, which could cause more residual water discoloration to nearby units and discoloration to those in units that underwent water cut off. But once the work is complete and service is restored, this should be cleared up if residents run the water in affected units for a short time, according to Berres.

If people experience lingering water pressure issues later in the day or continued water discoloration, they may call GHI to report the problem.

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