Jul 26, 2014
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UPDATED: Comcast Cable Outage Hits Harford County

Some customers were left without television service for much of Monday.

UPDATED: Comcast Cable Outage Hits Harford County

UPDATED (12 a.m. on Tuesday)—Comcast Xfinity cable service was restored in the Aberdeen area late Tuesday evening.
Original article:

It's prime time on a Monday night—what are you watching on television?

If you have Comcast in Harford County, the answer might be: a blue bar across the screen.

Comcast Xfinity TV subscribers in parts of Harford County were without television service for much of the day Monday.

In Aberdeen, I was without service from early Monday morning until this post. Reports of outages also sprung up in Havre de Grace, Bel Air and outlying areas of the county.

The Comcast website and automated phone service indicated there was a video outage in the area and that technicians were working to solve the issue.

Some Patch readers and Comcast subscribers said cable was available through the secondary televisions in residences, even if cable was unavailable on televisions connected to a primary cable box.

Cable internet services were maintained, though some subscribers reported interruptions in phone service.

No timeline was provided for a restoration of service, though by calling to report an outage, users were given the option to have a call-back during business hours to be notified when service was restored.

I enjoyed a refreshing day away from the television. My kids didn't seem to notice, either—there were no desperate pleas for Spongebob at bed time tonight.

But some of you may be at home shaking at your laptop at the thought of a night without some television entertainment.

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