Jul 27, 2014
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A Q&A With Sabrena Turner

Patch asked the three candidates for Prince George's County Dist. 2 to answer some questions about their plans, should they win the election. Here's what they said.

A Q&A With Sabrena Turner

Patch: The area has seen rapid growth recently. What is your approach to development?

Turner: In order to build economic stimulus into our county, we must promote a giveback approach to our residents. Local small business owners should be awarded at least 75 percent of contracts provided that 65 percent of their staff members are county residents. Large business owners should employ at least 75 percent county residents.

The Walt Disney Co. plans to build a resort at National Harbor. I want to ensure that 75 percent of contracts for development are awarded to county contractors and that 65 percent of the residents on staff from development to the point of operating business are from this county. 

Patch: A lot of resources are lacking in classrooms right now. What do you plan to do to bolster the quality of education?

Turner: With today being a global market, we need to do as much as possible to ensure that our children are geared to compete worldwide. We need to work with our local education system to raise its standard of education to equal or beyond our neighboring counties such as Montgomery, Howard, Charles and Fairfax counties. We need to retain our excellent educators with incentives when they produce students who meet the standards of our current system until a better one is in place. 

Patch: Prince George's County has a reputation for crime. How do you plan to make the county safer?

Turner: In order to make our county safer, we should begin from the ground up starting with Neighborhood Watch groups. We need to improve the relationship with our county police department, establish Neighborhood Watch groups where none are present, civic associations, neighborhood safety patrol groups in every community. Furthermore, I would like to improve the awareness of excellent crime prevention programs and support groups available to citizens of Prince George's County.

Patch: What are the goals for your term? What programs or projects do you want to undertake?

Turner: I will also work with the Board of Education to partner with PTAs across the county to develop fun, competitive, affordable and educational after school programs for all of our students.
I will also solicit public and private partnerships for youth summer job programs to help enhance our communities and neighborhoods because they're our future. What we put into them now we will get back in 10 or 20 years.
We need to seek ways to increase revenue without increasing property taxes. For example, I will promote the creation of more green jobs in the county while patronizing the local entrepreneurs and businesses.

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