Jul 26, 2014
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Chuck Brown Dies, Share Your Memories

The Washington D.C. music scene lost a titan today. How did Brown's music impact your life?

Update: 6:30 p.m. - 

Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker has issued a press release expressing his condolences over the passing of local music legend Chuck Brown. 

The statement reads in full: 

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and countless fans of Chuck Brown.  It is a sad day for so many in Prince George’s County, the Washington region, and throughout the world. Chuck Brown left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds with his very distinctive voice and incredible genre of music that he created, Go-Go.

He was an icon whose music inspired so many and become the sound that defined modern-day Washington, DC and Prince George’s County. He will be missed, but we are so fortunate that his music will be with us forever.”

Original Article Below:

Chuck Brown, known to millions as the Godfather of Go-Go, passed away earlier today in Baltimore due to complications from pneumonia. The Washington Post has the full story, but I'd like to use this space to gather your memories of the man and the music he created. 

I do not have any personal memories of Chuck Brown, but as a child growing up in Hyattsville, much of my youth, especially in middle and high school, was set to the beat of go-go music. 

I was first introduced to go-go's infectious rhythms in middle school by my friends Kwame and Quran, who were prone to start creating go-go beats on anything remotely percussive which could be found in the classroom and the hallways. 

Later, go-go was a staple of the music played at the DeMatha and Elizabeth Seton school dances, often to the annoyance of chaperones who would have to frequently remind us to 'leave room for the holy spirit' as we danced with our partners. One of my freshman and sophomore year classmates was even the son of a founding member of Rare Essence. 

So, it was with sadness that I received the news of Chuck Brown's death. But his music, and the genre which he gave form to, will live on. 

We here at Patch would love for you to share your memories of Chuck Brown or go-go music in general. Leave your comments below. Rest in peace, Mr. Brown.

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