23 Aug 2014
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January Big Month For Arrests, Gun Seizure

551 arrests made, 54 guns and thousands of dollars worth of drugs seized during January Crime Initiative.

January Big Month For Arrests, Gun Seizure

Prince George's County police announced the results of the January crime initiative Wednesday.

According to the PGPD blog, officers made a total of 551 arrests, which included the arrests of suspects in murder, attempted murder, robbery, attempted robbery and carjacking cases. The police also seized 54 guns and illegal drugs worth $100,000.

PGPD Chief Mark A. Magaw said the initiative, which lasted for five weeks throughout all hours of the day, included officers from a number of divisions within the agency.

“Our community deserves the very best that we have to offer. With that, I want to assure our community that we will continue to work together in partnership to reduce crime,” Magaw said.

“The incredible amount of work done by the officers involved in this program only exemplifies our commitment to making these communities safer,” Maj. Joseph McCann said.

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