Jul 29, 2014
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Mapping the Budget Part II: Ward Breakdown

Council president releases spreadsheet breaking down location of capital improvements by ward.

Mapping the Budget Part II: Ward Breakdown

In the wake of last night's Council President Matt McKnight (Ward 3), has released a spreadsheet breaking down proposed capital spending by ward. 

It's a reaction to criticisms of the CIP leveled by Ward 4 Councilor Paula Perry and Ward 5 Councilor Ruth Ann Frazier, who said during last night's meeting that In that vein, they charged that the budget was a reflection of perceived historical inequities in the city's administration of the poorer West Hyattsville neighborhoods, which contain a majority of the city's Hispanic residents. 

"I think the argument is a bit ridiculous," wrote McKnight in an email to Patch  "We don't budget by ward. Almost all of the capital that the city actually owns is either mobile or physically situated in Ward 1. And the irony, at least to my mind, is that the one large piece of capital we do own in Ward 5 that we are investing in apparently 'doesn't count' because Paula and Ruth Ann were opposed to purchasing it way back when (before I was on council)."

Indeed, the second most expensive capital improvement called for in the long term budget is the projected $4.52 million to

And while the Patch CIP budget map had to tie down spending to specific locations, McKnight's spreadsheet takes a step back and looks at the spending by ward. Much of the data points for administrative capital improvements and tech acquisitions which were located at City Hall in the Patch map are now rendered perhaps more accurately in McKnight's spreadsheet as "citywide" improvements. 

Data below: 

ProjectCIP ProjectionsLocationEnterprise Resource Planning software 200,000 Citywide IT Infrastructure 75,000 Citywide Radar/Lidar for Police Dept. 38,600 Citywide Mobile Data Terminals for Police Dept. 75,200 Citywide 2 Police Dept. Cameras 40,000 1 Location in Ward 1, 1 Location TBD K-9 Unit 9,900 Citywide Sidewalks 409,000 Citywide, Itemized spending in 2014 in Wards 1 & 5, also specifically mentions Safe Routes and ADA, which will necessitate spending at the new school in Ward 4 Roadway Improvements 880,000 Citywide, Itemized spending in 2013 in Ward 3, in 2014 in Ward 1, and as needed citywide following a pavement inventory in 2015 Crittenden/40th Road Reconstruction 1,600,000 Wards 1 & 2 ADA Improvement 500,000 Citywide Completion of the Arcade Bldg. 3,000,000 Ward 1 Park Rec Bldg. - Bathroom rehab for ADA, shelving/storage install, and concession stand, brick façade repairs 285,000 Ward 1 3505 Hamilton Conversion to PD Headquarters 4,520,000 Ward 5 4310 Gallatin Renovations 5,200,000 Ward 1 New Trash Truck 200,000 Citywide New DPW Work Truck 60,000 Citywide King Park Retaining Wall Replacement 32,000 Ward 1 Melrose Park ADA Accessible Trail 100,000 Ward 1 Solar Display Board for City Events 17,500 Citywide Cable TV Upgrades 75,000 Citywide Magruder Park Field Renovations 1,100,000 Ward 1 Basketball/Tennis Court Resurfacing - Magurder 20,000 Ward 1 Parking Meters on Ager and Editor's Park 90,000 Wards 4 & 5 Bike Lanes and Bike Racks 55,000 Citywide, Work already approved by council in Wards 2,3, 4, and 5 Route 1 Parking Garage 2,000,000 Ward 1

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