23 Aug 2014
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Neighbor Helps Police Catch Would-Be Burglars

Police pursuing attempted burglary charges against two juveniles.

Neighbor Helps Police Catch Would-Be Burglars

A watchful neighbor may have helped Hyattsville City Police Department officers thwart a burglary in West Hyattsville yesterday. As a result of the neighbor's actions, and a prompt police response, police are now pursuing attempted burglary charges against two juveniles, a boy and a girl. 

It all started around 10:45 a.m. in the 3100 block of Lancer Drive when another Lancer Drive resident saw a young woman walk up to his neighbor's house across the street and knock on the door. Shortly afterwards, a young man joined her on the porch. The duo knocked on the door a second time. Receiving no response, the two walked into the back yard of the house. 

Suspicious, the watchful neighbor then called police to report the activity. 

The duo were only behind the house for less than five minutes before returning to the front of the house. There, they met a third adult male, and began walking west on Lancer Drive. 

At about that time, police arrived on the scene. The two juveniles tried to flee, bounding over fences and through back-yards before being apprehended on Kimberly Road. The adult male was apprehended on the 3300 block of Lancer Drive, but police are not yet charging him with any crime. 

Later, investigators discovered that a rear window on the house had been tampered with. Police said that the two suspects did not get into the house, and nothing had apparently been stolen.

Police Chief Doug Holland said in an interview that the arrests were a great example of the community and the police working together. 

"We have that teamwork, the teamwork within the community, within the police department, trying to help establish a partnership with the community and we have the very rapid response with the police department," said Holland. "I think this is a fantastic example of everything coming together."

Burglaries have been an issue in West Hyattsville over the last year, which, unlike the city as a whole, have seen increases in residential burglaries in Wards 4 and 5. 

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