23 Aug 2014
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Readers' Choice: Florists

Petal peddlers face off for florist bragging rights in this week's Readers' Choice survey.

Readers' Choice: Florists Readers' Choice: Florists

Readers' Choice is back this week, and with flowers blooming all over the place as the weather heats up, we want to know where you go to get a beautiful bouquet. 

Quality flowers, needless to say, are an important consideration when picking out your preferred petal peddler. But maybe you're won over by U.S. Route 1 convenience, as is the case with a number of our shops like in College Park and in Hyattsville. 

Beltway Blossom Shop in Greenbelt Plaza has the benefit of being located in a mall, so you can get some shopping done while you wait for your arrangements. 

Just about all of the shops offer online ordering, so perhaps a smooth digital experience is key for you. 

Whichever it is, we want your help in awarding Patch's 2012 Readers' Choice award winner for best local florist. Vote below. 

Votes aren't the only thing that matter in this contest. Star ratings for the top three vote-getters will also play a big role in determining the winner, so if you really want to show your support for your favorite flower monger, do them a favor and give them an honest review in our directory. Links to this week's contestants directory listings are below: 

Now, we know we've left a few local florists out of the contest. But this is the internet, and nothing is set in stone. If you can think of a florist in College Park, Greenbelt, Hyattsville or the Riverdale Park-University Park area that should be in contention here, let us know before Tuesday in the comment section below. 

Because this poll is not scientific, the votes will not be the sole consideration in choosing the winner. The winner will be determined by Patch editors, and the selection will be based on poll results, ratings and reviews. Please vote only once per survey and per Patch. Other Readers' Choice rules accompany this post in the PDF.

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