Jul 29, 2014
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What Was She Wearing?

First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by Hyattsville Thursday morning and boy was she stylin!

What Was She Wearing?

When First Lady Michelle Obama walked into the main dining room of Olive Garden on East West Highway this morning, she magnetized the crowd.

According to People Magazine, Lady Obama's statuesque frame boasts a striking 5'11" in height, matching that of Eleanor Roosevelt, who was, until Mrs. Obama, the tallest White House woman.

On camera, Mrs. Obama looks like she has a great complexion. In the flesh, she has an exquisite complexion! Her makeup artist, Ingrid Grimes-Myles, said the First Lady uses "Ms. Ingrid's Fabulous 10 Minute Face" as her makeup routine.

Without reading the tag, Patch would say Mrs. Obama was wearing a modern part wool pant suit with a two-layered jacket in celery green. Her low turquoise pumps and a matching flower broach offered a bold contrast to the mild color of her attire.

You can follow the fashion of Lady Obama and see what she's worn at various events.

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