Jul 30, 2014

#MoCo Online: Police Operation Targets Pedestrian Safety Laws

Will Montgomery County police stings improve pedestrian safety?

#MoCo Online: Police Operation Targets Pedestrian Safety Laws

Montgomery County residents took to the Montgomery County Police Department Facebook page to say what they thought about pedestrian enforcement stings that began last week.

From 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, county police issued 72 citations for pedestrian safety infractions at the intersection of Veirs Mill Road and Turkey Branch Parkway in Aspen Hill, police said in a news release posted on the Facebook page.

Lesli King Brown posted her wish for constant enforcement: "If only there was enough police enforcement available to to it all over the county all the time."

The enforcement should go both ways, posted  Wayne Lim of Silver Spring: "OK, all that sounded good. However how many pedestrians were ticketed for jay walking or running across traffic lanes, not at a designated crossing."

Robby Frantz admitted to using his own rules: "I only stop if the speed limit is 25 or less. Sorry, but I'm NOT stopin on Veris Mill when I have people coming as fast as 60mph behind me not paying attention...."

Christine Manger Johnston shared Frantz's concern, posting: "I'm always afraid of getting hit in the rear of my car."

What do you think about the stings? Let us know in comments.

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