23 Aug 2014
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City of Laurel Readies for Hurricane Sandy

The city's Emergency Operations Center is open.

City of Laurel Readies for Hurricane Sandy

Laurel residents can get information about Hurricane Sandy's arrival and more from the city's Emergency Operations Center which opened Monday at 7 a.m.

Mayor Craig A. Moe put the city under a Declaration of Emergency until further notice. City offices and Passports will be closed Monday and Tuesday as the storm arrives.

However, residents can still call 301-725-5300 to report issues of concerns as well as 240-294-1307 for updated information about the storm. City phones will be staffed by city personnel to assist residents with inquiries.

Moe asked residents to remain vigil and care for their neighbors that may need help. He also reminded residents to not use generators indoors.

Although trash was picked up this morning, the city has suspended trash pickup Tuesday. Residents can call the public works department with questions at 301-725-0088. 


Classes and events at the parks and recs department were cancelled, but residents may use the Robert J. DiPietro center, located at 7901 Cypress Street, to charge their electronics and take shelter.

Mow also asked residents to avoid roadways to emergency staff can respond if needed.

If you have an emergency, Fire and EMS can be reached by calling 911 and the Laurel Police can be reached by calling 301-725-3000 for emergency needs. If you need to report a power outage in your area, please call BG&E at 877-778-2222.

For other alerts, please visit our city's website at or call the Laurel Information Line at 240-294-1307.

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