23 Aug 2014
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Liveblog With Brian Meshkin on Wednesday

Join Patch on Wedneday afternoon for a Liveblog with Howard County School Board Member Brian Meshkin.

Liveblog With Brian Meshkin on Wednesday Liveblog With Brian Meshkin on Wednesday

Patch will be hosting a liveblog with Howard County Board of Education member Brian Meshkin on Wednesday afternoon. The blog will start at 2 p.m. and Patch users are invited to join in with questions or comments during the liveblog.

The liveblog will be the first in a planned series of public blogs with local officials on issues throughout Howard County.

Meshkin has served on the Board since 2010. He currently lives in Fulton and is the CEO of Proove Biosciences, which is based in Los Angeles. Meshkin often travels to California as part of his work with Proove, a company that provides information to help improve the selection, dosing and evaluation of pain medications, according to its website. Meshkin previously served as executive chairman of Salugen Biosciences, which is described as a biotechnology company that develops laboratory tests to personalize pain medicine therapies, according to Salugen's website.

During the Wednesday blog, the public will be able to ask Meshkin about his work on the school board and about his background in education.

Major issues the school board currently faces include the hiring of Renee Foose, the , the Allen Dyer administrative hearings regarding Dyer's removal from the board, and b.   

Meshkin was the subject of recent news reports about a dispute with prominent Howard County Republican Steve Adler, the manager of Historic Savage Mill, who filed a complaint in district court in April complaining that Meshkin failed to promptly pay back a business loan. An article in the  Howard County Times noted that Adler and Meshkin have settled the dispute with Adler characterizing the circumstances as a "complete misunderstanding."

You can join local Patch editors and Brian Meshkin for the liveblog on Wednesday at 2 p.m. on Columbia Patch. Patch users will be able to submit comments and questions directly to the blog by commenting on the story or by using the hashtag #BOEMeshkin on Twitter.

If you aren't able to participate in the liveblog on Wednesday, but are interested in asking Brian Meshkin a question, you can post your question in the comments below and a Patch editor will ask it for you.

Will you be join the live blog? Let us know in the comment section.

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