Jul 28, 2014
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Dispute Over Child's Birthday Party Goes Viral, Prompts Lawsuit

A disagreement over whether Shugaland party store provided the services a mother paid for to celebrate her daughter's birthday was captured on video, and it's all over YouTube.

Dispute Over Child's Birthday Party Goes Viral, Prompts Lawsuit

A mother who claims that her 6-year-old daughter's birthday party was ruined by the management at Shugaland in Marley Station Mall has filed a lawsuit against the party store business.

The Baltimore Sun says a disagreement between Jaime Norfolk of Brooklyn Park and store owner Nsenga Rivens has led to legal action. A video of the confrontation between the women, made by a friend of Norfolk’s, has been posted on YouTube and had more than 66,000 views by Wednesday afternoon.

The store was hosting a birthday party for Norfolk’s daughter -- who survived a car accident last year that left her in intensive care for days – when the group was asked to leave the store without receiving pizza, cupcakes and goody bags, the Sun says.

But Rivens says she asked Norfolk’s group to leave her business after they were rude and profane to her, according to the newspaper.

The video shows a tearful Norfolk telling Rivens, and then a police officer, that she paid $460 for a birthday party that was to include food, makeup sessions, a fashion show and gifts.

“You just did your fashion show, what are you talking about?” Rivens replies. “Your girls’ nails are done, your girls’ makeup is done. … Now it’s time to go.”

Another woman suggests Rivens return Norfolk’s money, but she declines. 

"I didn't make my lipgloss. I didn't get my pizza, my cupcakes. Where’s my cupcakes and my goody bags?" Norfolk asks on the video.

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