Jul 28, 2014
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Jobs in Odenton and Severn

Looking for a new job? Here's a list of some recent openings at companies in the area.

Jobs in Odenton and Severn

If you're in the market for a new job, it's good to know there are some companies hiring. Click on the links to read the full listing and find out how to apply.

Job: Sales Assistant
Company: Fichtner Services

Duties: Assist sales manager, gather leads, maintain customer database.
Requirements: High school diploma or GED, three years of administrative experience a plus.

Job: Route Driver
Company: Terry's Tire Town

Duties: Drive to stops and unload orders, maintain truck.
Requirements: High school diploma, two years of commercial driving experience.

Job: Maintenance Technician
Company: Domino's Pizza

Duties: Build, repair and maintain bakery equipment.
Requirements: High school diploma, EPA refrigeration certification.

Job: Customer Service Representative
Company: Fulton Financial Corp.

Duties: Assist with sales of products and services at branches.
Requirements: Customer service skills, two years of banking experience.

Job: Part-Time Spanish Instructor
Company: Berlitz

Duties: Deliver lessons to private students and group sessions.
Requirements: Bachelor's degree or equivalent, teaching experience a plus.

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