23 Aug 2014
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Community Update

Community Update


Local Reisterstown novelist, Sharon Dobson, is pleased to
announce the release of her new novel, Murder at Swan Cove.


Chincoteague, Virginia is a quiet island town off the coast
of Virginia. It’s a town that nothing ever happens until one October afternoon
a family on their way to the beach on Assateague notices one of the wild ponies
covered in blood. The pony seems fine so the park service releases her.
Everything is quiet until a few days later the body of a young woman is found
along the marsh with her body badly mutilated. What the coroner finds when he
runs her DNA breaks the quiet of the town and brings the national news crews

The last time Kali Callahan was seen she was six years old in
the company of her mother, Samantha Callahan, who was a prostitute and exotic
dancer. Samantha couldn’t explain her daughter’s disappearance and she was
sentenced to 25 years in jail. Now FBI agent Adam Clay needs to find out where
Kali has been for the last eleven years and who recently killed her.


Murder at Swan Cove is available through Amazon.com in both
book and Kindle format.



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