Jul 29, 2014
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Armed Robbery in New Town Possibly Connected to Other Incidents

A gas station in New Town was robbed, marking the fifth commercial armed robbery in one month. This incident might not be connected to the others.

Armed Robbery in New Town Possibly Connected to Other Incidents

Police are investigating whether an armed robbery of a gas station in Owings Mills New Town is connected to .

An unknown suspect entered the at 9300 Lakeside Boulevard in Owings Mills on Monday, Aug. 27, at 11:08 p.m. and purchased some items, according to a police report. He waited in the store until other customers left and then produced a handgun and demanded money. The suspect took $300  to $400 in cash and rolled coins in a black bag and fled on foot.

This incident could be connected with four other commercial armed robberies and one attempted robbery, but there are some differences in the suspect descriptions, according Lt. Stephen Doarnberger, assistant commander of the . The suspect in the Sunoco incident was described as having a thin moustache and a tattoo of a cross on his left cheek, police said.

The tattoo was not mentioned in the other incidents, although the suspect was masked in all other cases except for one, Doarnberger said. Another difference is that the handgun was described as being dark in the Sunoco robbery, but in the other cases it was described as silver, he said.

Police are still investigating five other commercial robbery incidents, one of which was an attempt, that they believe are connected. In August, an armed robber stole money from Taco Bell in Owings Mills, the in Reisterstown, in Owings Mills and in Owings Mills, and attempted to gain entry to in Owings Mills.

“We have a tremendous amount of resources dedicated to this commercial robbery trend,” said Capt. Matt McElwee, commander of the .

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