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Reisterstown, You Said It! What Would Get You to Main Street More Often?

Do you spend time regularly on Main Street? Tell us why or why not.

Reisterstown, You Said It! What Would Get You to Main Street More Often?
Reisterstown's Main Street is home to quaint shops, eateries, historic buildings and small businesses offering a variety of services.  But according to some business owners, the number of people coming to shop on Main Street has declined over the years. 

Patch asked readers on its Facebook page what would make Main Street Reisterstown a more desirable destination to shop, eat and socialize. Here's what you said. 

In general people said that there are too many antique and consignment shops and not enough shops that appeal to a younger (20-30) crowd. Commenters also said that although they like Harryman House and Java Mama's, that more restaurant/cafe variety might bring more people. 

People said they want a better variety of eating options along Main Street. Leopold Stotch said Main Street "needs a brew pub." Joyce Goldberg Powell said more "snack type places with outdoor seating."

Or an eating place with a little atmosphere as suggested by Sharmaine McAdoo, "Chipotle...A nice quiet lounge....Maybe a Farmer's Market Store...unique spots that appeal to the 20-40s generation, but attracts the seniors as well. A quiet place to just relax after work, for lunch, Saturday brunch, or a nice evening out."

Others said Main Street needs "things to do." 

"I visit Java Mamas and  The Elephant's Trunk a lot, I try to give my business to local spots as much as possible, but they do need more things to do. And more fun restaurants!!" Ange Joshi said.  

David Cohn said a music venue is key to traffic on Main Street. "I think we need a music venue. I know Java Mamas has music sometimes. But I mean someplace that has seating for more than a few people. Someplace that will draw people in from outside of town. I think that Music on Main was a huge success. If we can have that many people come out year round, it would benefit local business."

A book store cafe and wine bar were also throw into the mix of suggestions. 

Other suggestions that don't directly relate to the kind of shops and eateries include "fewer bums and local junkies wandering about," too much vehicular traffic driving too fast, and "parking lots with free or cheap metered parking."

Carrie Gorham said that there is more to Main Street if people would just take the time to stroll into some of the stores. 

"... people would be surprised what they might find if they did walk into some of the shops. There is jewelry ( Tina's, Meadow Briar), snacks ( Iced Gems, The Cow, Martha & Mary's) , and Secrets is a great place to take your kids -- they have whole afternoons where you can walk in and do crafts.," Gorham said.

Several users suggested modeling Reisterstown's Main Street after Ellicott City's Main Street in Howard County. 

What do you think? Are you already a Reisterstown Main Street regular and if not, what would it take to make you one?

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