23 Aug 2014
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Lost Cat Found Near Villa Cresta Neighborhood

An adult male orange tabby was found last Tuesday.

Lost Cat Found Near Villa Cresta Neighborhood

Parkville resident Greg Dorczak is looking for the owner of a cat he found early last week in the 7900 block of Old Harford Road.

Dorczak said that the adult male orange tabby cat has been neutered and declawed. A photo of the cat is attached to this article.

"Someone went to the trouble of declawing him, so I figure it must be someone's cat," he said.

In a posting on Craigslist, pointed out to Patch by Marybeth Flowers (of Parkville's ), Dorczak said the cat was found wet and hungry.

"We've been feeding him though, so he's looking better now," he said in an interview.

Dorczak said that he hopes the cat's owner will contact him by cell phone at 443-398-5502. He plans to post fliers around the Parkville neighborhood.

"I'll keep him until the owner gets in touch with me or I find him another good home," Dorczak said.

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