23 Aug 2014
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UPDATE: The Barn Looking to Restructure, Reopen

Signs posted in the door of the Carney mainstay give little explanation as to the sudden closure of the restaurant.

UPDATE: The Barn Looking to Restructure, Reopen

UPDATE (6:11 p.m.) — An administrator on The Barn's Facebook page posted that confirmed the closure of the restaurant but said that it would hopefully be temporary.

"Hey everyone. Here is what's happening as of now. We are closed as of now. We are looking to restructure things and re open as soon as we can. Thanks for all the support," the post says.

Calls to The Barn, including a person identified as a partner in the business, went unanswered Monday afternoon.

Michael Mohler, a spokesman for the Baltimore County Liquor Board, said Monday afternoon that he was not yet aware of the closure of the restaurant but that he had been out of the office.

A business with a liquor license has to inform the liquor board when they cease operating, Mohler said. The business then has 180 days to re-open or dispose of the license, but can request an additional 180 days after the initial 180 day period ends.

Rumors began pouring in Monday morning that a longtime Carney restaurant had closed it's doors.

By the early afternoon Patch was able to verify: The Barn is closed until further notice, according to a sign hanging in the door.

A phone call to the restaurant went unanswered and as of the writing of this article the restaurant ownership has offered no explanation via the restaurant website or social media sites like Facebook.

On the Barn's Facebook page, regulars are expressing dismay at the closure of the bar, crab house and live music venue that has been at the corner of Harford and Joppa Roads for as long as this 26-year-old Carney native can remember.

Patch political reporter Bryan Sears contributed to this article.

When did you find out was closed? Will you miss the bar & restaurant? Tell us in the comments.

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