Jul 27, 2014
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UPDATE: Grass Too Tall in Perry Hall?

Find out who to call about unruly turf in the Perry Hall area.

UPDATE: Grass Too Tall in Perry Hall? UPDATE: Grass Too Tall in Perry Hall? UPDATE: Grass Too Tall in Perry Hall? UPDATE: Grass Too Tall in Perry Hall?

UPDATE (June 26, 4:50 p.m.)—The grass along Honeygo Boulevard's median strip was mowed by county contractors on Tuesday morning.

See the article, , for details.


UPDATE (June 25, 2:17 p.m.)— is fed up with near her neighborhood—especially when it happens to be growing on county-owned property.

"In Perry Hall, we pay too much in taxes to put up with this eyesore. It just looks terrible," said Smith, who lives off Honeygo Boulevard, between Joppa and Belair roads.

Her biggest concern is overgrown median strips along Honeygo.

"It's tall and brown. People throw trash in there. The next thing you know, we'll have rats," she said.

A worker for the Baltimore County Property Management Division told Patch that grass on county property is generally mowed every two weeks, but residents should call the county to report any neglected areas.

When it comes to public property in need of a trim, residents should call 410-887-3827, and an operator within the county executive's office will direct them to the appropriate constituent services representative. If the problem is on private property, residents should call 410-887-3351 for Code Inspections and Enforcement.

In either case, residents should be prepared to provide the address of the problem area, so inspectors know where to check it out.

told Patch that residents could also contact his office at 410-887-3384 for assistance. His office recently helped homeowners get cut, he said.

Marks added that there have been positive comments from residents about the mowing of ballfields this year.

Smith said she hopes for a quick response from officials about the tall grass.

"It looks like we don't care, but people in Perry Hall do care," she said. 

What are some of the most overgrown public property areas in Perry Hall? Tell us in the comments.

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