Jul 29, 2014

Pennsylvania Man Recovering from Hit and Run Near Kingsville

The family is looking for the individual responsible.

Pennsylvania Man Recovering from Hit and Run Near Kingsville Pennsylvania Man Recovering from Hit and Run Near Kingsville Pennsylvania Man Recovering from Hit and Run Near Kingsville

A Lancaster, PA, man was struck by a speeding car Saturday night after his motorcycle ran out of gas on the side of Route 1 near Kingsville, according to Baltimore County police Lt. Ron Brooks.

Andrew Pearson, 19, suffered a cracked tibia and ripped ligaments in his knee after attempting to dive out of the way when he saw the car coming, according to his Perry Hall girlfriend Alex Spiroff. He is currently resting at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Cente where he recently underwent surgery to repair his damaged left leg.

"Besides that he's doing pretty good," Spiroff said. "He's a high spirited guy, doing the best he can."

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While her boyfriend rests, Spiroff and her family have been busy searching for the individual responsible. Since Saturday, a Facebook status seeking information about the collision has been "Shared" 360 times, Spiroff said. The family hopes that casting a wide social media net might dredge up useful information.

It was about 10 p.m. Saturday when Pearson called his girlfriend and her father to help him with his motorcycle. At the time, he didn't know why his 2003 Shadow Spirit 750 had stalled. He pulled his bike over on the narrow shoulder just past the intersection of Belair and Mt. Vista roads and waited for Spiroff and her father's toolbox.

Brooks confirmed police responded to the 911 call at about 10:13 p.m. The culprit is believed to have continued driving northbound on Route 1, although the matter remains under investigation.

When Spiroff and her father pulled up to the intersection they, "thought there were just nice people who pulled over to help," Spiroff said remembering two trucks that were also parked near the intersection.

Minutes earlier, Pearson said he remember seeing a small sedan—possibly a Honda Civic—coming his way. He said he thought it was Spiroff's father who also drives a small sedan, until he realized the car wasn't slowing down.

Pearson said he dove out of the way, but the car still clipped the lower part of his left leg. The collision actually caused substantial damage to the small sedan, according to Spiroff, whose father recovered a "foot-long piece of the car" that had broken off after striking Pearson's steel-toed boots.

Aside from a detached left mirror, "the bike is pretty much untouched," Spiroff said.

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