23 Aug 2014
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YOU TELL US: What's So Bad About New Perry Hall Homes?

Patch readers have differing views on the impact of development in Perry Hall neighborhoods.

YOU TELL US: What's So Bad About New Perry Hall Homes?

It started with a by about public hearings for a planned next to the .

It's turned into a debate over planning, crowding and construction in the larger community.

While communities across America have spent the last five years struggling through foreclosure and housing crises, in Perry Hall has barely skipped a beat. In general, developments generate tax revenue and new homeowners stimulate the local economy.

Of course, not everyone is pleased. Complaints range from school overcrowding to traffic issues. A is even scheduled to discuss ' for the of hundreds of acres of Perry Hall—effectively preventing housing developments from being built in several neighborhoods.

Check out this selection of and tell us what you think about development in Perry Hall. 

The charm that was Perry Hall Is gone forever. And for what?
Someone is making huge money at the expense and objections of the current and long time residents.
They're turning our quaint community into a mega-opolis, where no one will want to live.
We must stop it!!!


I'm part of the 1% and I just built a home in Perry Hall. Enjoy my tax dollars. The attitude of "I was here, I'm happy...now the rest of you stay out" is a real turn off.

I do have an honest question - where are all of these vacant homes that are attributed to overbuilding?

I thought that our children were our future? How about another middle school and high school to alleviate the over crowded PHMS and PHHS issues? Can anyone push for schools around this lovely town? And yes, schools with a/c!!! Why are more family homes being built and no more schools? This is NOT making sense here.

Is development a sign of economic prosperity, or is it causing a negative impact on Perry Hall? Tell us in the comments.

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