Jul 28, 2014

BITES NEARBY: Lenny's Deli

I'm one of those people who often eats dinner rather late. But finding a casual restaurant—other than fast food or Chinese delivery—hasn't been easy. Here's an overview of one.

BITES NEARBY: Lenny's Deli BITES NEARBY: Lenny's Deli


Overview: Lenny's Deli is known for its variety of hot foods, as well as its New York-style deli case, which includes meats, lox, smoked fish, salads, soups and more; as well as a bakery.

Food: There's also a line of hot food. On the evening of March 7, that line included sweet potato fries, fried chicken, stuffed chicken breasts, escalloped apples and some vegetables. There are also made-to-order items, including breakfast. One cook at the hot foods counter said everything at Lenny's is good, but he recommended the corned beef sandwiches.

They offer a variety: Regular corned beef or lean corned beef sandwiches ($7.29 each); and corned beef, slaw and Russian dressing ($8.29).

There's a whole rotisserie chicken for $12.99, or 1/2 for $9.49.

I chose the fried chicken and salad from the salad bar.

The fried chicken breast was very dry, maybe because it was the end of the day, and it was served from the top of a large pile of chicken. But the leg was good. And the salad items were slightly dry, as if they had been sitting out for most of the day. But they had been kept cool.

Decor: It looks a lot like a mix of a cafeteria and a fast-food restaurant. There's a long line to walk while ordering hot foods visible behind the glass, and there are a mix of booths and tables in the dining area. On Monday, some men watched a basketball game on a TV in a corner, while several families each sat down to a meal together, feeding several children each.

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Drinks: A choice between fountain sodas and bottled drinks in the cooler.

Service: Just as in most delis, you're on your own when it comes to figuring out where to go first. It was near closing time when I went at 7 p.m. March 7, so there wasn't much help to be found as staff began cleaning up. I had to search for the trays, which, by the way, are located to the right just inside the door.

Menu: lennysdeli.com/owings-mills

Note: Call ahead and your order will be ready.

Deli trays: Available for all occasions.

Address: Lenny's Deli, 9107 Reisterstown Road, Owings Mills (Garrison)

Phone: 410-363-3353

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