23 Aug 2014
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Fire Company Puts Into Service New $200K Ambulance

Members of the Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company gathered to celebrate the company's newest vehicle.

Fire Company Puts Into Service New $200K Ambulance Fire Company Puts Into Service New $200K Ambulance Fire Company Puts Into Service New $200K Ambulance Fire Company Puts Into Service New $200K Ambulance Fire Company Puts Into Service New $200K Ambulance

The Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company put its new $200,000 ambulance into service Monday night.

And only two minutes later, it was off on its first call: a non-emergency, sick subject call.

It's not surprising that it was called into service so soon, said Capt. Glenn Resnick. That's because ambulance service is one of the busiest in Baltimore County.

"Our unit is on pace this year to approach 2,000 responses," he said.

The  2011 Ford F450 4WD/Lifeline replaces the company's old ambulance, which has been out of service for seven months, Resnick said.

That older unit had 115,000 miles on it, and had made 13,000 calls, according to the fire company website.

This year, the fire company's emergency medical technicians have made nearly 2,000 calls, Resnick said. In its place, the fire company has been using a reserve vehicle from the Baltimore County Fire Department.

"It's nice to have our own unit, built to our own specifications," he said.

While the ambulance was being put into service Monday, the officers in charge of the ambulance's operations stood beside Resnick. They are: EMS Lt. Brian Schumer, First EMS Lt. Jeremy Sherr, and Akivah Hamburger.

The officers are among the 60 EMT-certified members of the 150-member company, Resnick said.

Resnick thanked the members of the company's Medic Committee that  helped the company buy and design the ambulance. And he thanked the citizens of Pikesville for their donations and work.

He said Save-A-Heart Foundation and the Covenant Guild donated money to buy the ambulance. Words of appreciation are painted onto the new vehicle.

"Their continued support of our organization for the past four decades is gratefully appreciated," Resnick said. "Words alone cannot express our gratitude."

A dedication ceremony will be held for the new ambulance in February, during the company banquet, Resnick said. Specifics on that event are not yet available.

This summer, the fire company put into service its new, $800,000 .

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