Jul 28, 2014

PHOTOS: Deals and Visions of Fields

Before the store closes after business Saturday, I took some photos to capture its last days.

The 120-year-old Fields of Pikesville will close its doors to customers after 4 p.m. Saturday.

Its going out of business is bringing up many fond memories among Patch readers. Here are some of the comments I've received:

On Facebook:

  • "I am of the generation that grew up in the early 70s and this place represented everything under one roof to us," said a Facebook fan. "Precious memories of picking out school supplies no matter what kind of discount was offered elsewhere. The best snow-balls in Baltimore. Comic book stands and the smell of fancy perfume from the ladies section. It was funny that for a place that was primarily supposed to be a pharmacy I don't remember getting a single Rx there. Fields was the heartbeat of Pikesville and although I've been gone for 17 years I can't picture the place without it."

On Twitter:

  • "So sad...after 120 years #Fields is closing in #Pikesville #MD, I remember my grandmother used to take me there."

In email to janet.metzner@patch.com:

  • "Pikesville is going the way of the dinosaurs...extinction of the small business-asaurus!"

On Pikesville Patch:

  • "To Dani and Jeff and the whole Levin family I and my husband Mark will miss this store so very much. I love Fields. It was like walking into a time capsule and I felt like it was from a different era...a time where you got excellent customer service and excellent products and great food all at a great price. These are hard economic times indeed and unfortunately the mom and pop shops suffer the most. God bless you and I hope Jeff and Dani turn up somewhere soon so that we can continue our patronage."
  • "I remember Ms. Levin from Johns Hopkins Hospital when she became a grandmother. She more than likely does not remember me. She was a great lady then, would love to see her now. I haven't been to Fields in a while, that was the only place I could get a certain cologne I use. I will miss not walking past the window on my way to the bank. I always liked their window display. A great loss to the community, a great landmark. The corner will be lonely without 'Fields.'"

View a video about Fields, posted Aug. 8 by WBAL-TV.

Do you have any parting words for Fields, or for its employees or owners? Add them in the comments box below this article.

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