Jul 29, 2014

Such A Deal! Pikesville's Discounts-Gossip Forum

Have a good deal to share with other Pikesville Patch readers? Let's chat here from Aug. 18-24 about coupons, deals and discounts, or even new products we've found, or think it's important to announce.

Such A Deal! Pikesville's Discounts-Gossip Forum

Face it. If you find a good deal, a good coupon, you want to share it with someone.

It's a delightful hobby that some of us, including me, share. So share it here!

Your assignment—frugal or mildy frugal Pikesville Patch reader, whether you're a shopper or business owner—is to put your best discount finds forward for all of us.

  • While you're out and about, snap a photo (or just think back) of some great deal or something you bought.
  • Upload the photo to this article, and/or describe the deal in the caption, or in the comments box below.

I'll start by posting some deals I've found.

Here's the first: Because I think it's tough to find a real, old-fashioned, seeded watermelon, I was surprised to find one Friday night at Shoppers Food in Greenspring Shopping Center.

It was $6.99 for a whole, large one. And, while I'm not sure it was a good price I'm so psyched to just find one.

Check out the photo I posted, and don't forget to keep checking back to this article throughout the week for deals others have left from Saturday, Aug. 18 through Friday, Aug. 24 (no matter the expiration date).

This is frugal shoppers' time to shine—and share.

Food, restaurants, coffee, coupons, tires, furniture, jewelry, even new products—what bargain did you find? Tell us in the comments, or upload a photo with description to this article. See a deal you think isn't up to par, or that you can find for a better price or quality elsewhere, tell us.

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